Perfect harmony

Powerful southern sun, with cool breezes off the Mediterranean and Eric Fabre’s wealth of experience. Come and discover the Great Wines crafted at Château d’Anglès.

Perfect Harmony

Powerful southern sun, with cool breezes off the Mediterranean and Eric Fabre’s wealth of experience. Come and discover the Great Wines crafted at Château d’Anglès.

Perfect Harmony

Powerful southern sun, with cool breezes off the Mediterranean and Eric Fabre’s wealth of experience. Come and discover the Great Wines crafted at Château d’Anglès.


In June 2015, La Clape became the Languedoc’s first « Appellation Communale ». This latest success is however, only the most recent chapter in a winemaking history that dates back 2,000 years! Julius Cesar gifted this rocky outcrop overlooking the Mediterranean to his most favoured legionnaires as a reward. The Roman soldiers of the 10th Legion were thus the first to plant vines on the La Clape headland. Their choice of the Bourboulenc grape variety was no accident, since it was considered in Greek mythology to confer wisdom on those who drank it! Traders through and through, the Romans exported their wines widely and with great success.

Winemaking continued for centuries and more than a thousand years later, the Languedoc was brought under the rule of the French King Louis VIII. Much of the region was then governed, on behalf of the King, by the Baillys d’Anglès from 1226 until the French Revolution. During that time the property was occupied for 500 years by a royal garrison in charge of guarding the entrance to the Aude river, an important maritime trading route. It was Barthélémy Etienne d’Anglès, local mayor, who took the property back after the Revolution. The vineyards remained the property of the Anglès family for more than a hundred years. After the estate was split in two in the late 19th century, the Fabre family was able to reunite it as Château d’Anglès at the beginning of this new and promising millenium.

The art of Crafting Wines

Basking in sunshine for 300 days a year, refreshed by the Mediterranean breeze, deeply rooted in the hostile rocky, limestone soils and enveloped in the surrounding aromatic vegetation known as “garrigue”, our vines thrive on this unique combination of natural elements. From hand-picking, after careful selection, through patient nursing in French oak barrels, to the final blending, this exceptional terroir expresses its very best thanks to the talent and experience of Eric Fabre. Mature and Fresh, Generous and Precise, Powerful and Structured… the Perfect Harmony of the Château d’Anglès Great Wines is applauded by the international press, as well as experts and wine lovers around the world.

Our Wines

Grand vin Red

We came to La Clape for the Mourvèdre: I enjoy its warm spices flavours as well as its dense and thin tannic structure. Grown in the cooler La Clape appellation, delicately vinified and thoroughly nursed, the Grand Vin reveals the elegance of the South.

Grand Vin White

I wanted this wine to express the richness of our 45 years-old Grenache structured by our 60 years-old Bourboulenc. I also selected an exuberant Marsanne and a Roussanne with great aromatic finesse to create this perfumed, long and complex white wine. This is a cuvée I'm very proud of.

Classique red

Syrah for fruit and spices delicately vinified and blended with Grenache for roundness, a dash of Mourvèdre giving structure and the refreshing minty touch from the terroir of La Clape appellation.A tasty, smooth and balanced wine to enjoy without complexes !

Classique White

La Clape is the only appellation based on the Bourboulenc grape. It brings freshness and structure and is behind the reputation of La Clape for white wines. It makes up half of this blend together with Grenache for its fruit and a dash of Roussanne and Marsanne for additional complexity.

Classique Rosé

Even when I'm in the swimming pool, I enjoy drinking tasty rosé. The expres- sive and structured Anglès rosé is also very much apreciated when matched food.

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Eric Fabre

From the Médoc to the Languedoc... not such a great leap after all for Eric and Christine Fabre in 2001, in their search for a high quality terroir in the South of France. Both from winemaking families, their intuition lead them to the terroir of La Clape... and straight to Château d’Anglès. Eric Fabre’s wealth of experience, including eight years as technical director at Château Lafite Rothschild, enabled him to overcome the considerable challenges awaiting them. Restructuring the vineyard was high priority in order to balance the assembly of traditional grape varieties such as Mourvèdre, Syrah, Grenache or Carignan for the reds and Bourboulenc, Roussanne and Marsanne for the whites. Each section of the 45 hectares on the estate is closely followed under the paternal eye of Eric Fabre, with a real respect for the environment. Round, fresh, charming, precise, complex, structured, delicate – are all qualities of the Château d’Anglès Great Wines that reflect the values held by Eric and Christine Fabre.

Vianney Fabre

All wine stories are also about people and sometimes even about... families! The generations of the Fabre family follow on in the best tradition of French winemaking. With a family heritage including a highly demanding level of expertise, great passion and an unwavering search for excellence, it is now Vianney’s turn as the youngest of the Fabre siblings to follow in the family tradition. His experience brings together all aspects of wine-making, from his diploma in wine-growing and making in Bordeaux, followed by a top business school in Paris. After 5 years traveling to the four corners of the world for Bollinger Champagne, he decided to join the family business in 2010, and play his own part in developing the Château d’Anglès wines, taking up the mantle of another generation of winemaking in the Fabre family and keeping alive their secret for perfect harmony. A wine-lover and enthusiast, Vianney is a true ambassador for the values of the estate, which he upholds in his role in international sales.


For 3000 years, wine combines pleasure and civilization.

Eric Fabre
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